Support Groups

Discount Programs

The Community Assistance Program has developed a medical discount program, administered by the Community Assistance Program, which provides free drug discount cards to anyone who is in need. Our program could definitely be of benefit to members of any number of support groups by offering them discounts from 15% to 85% on their brand name and generic prescription medications.

There are numerous classes of drugs available through the discount program. And, many members of the country’s support groups would benefit by those discounted medications. Members of the Diabetes Support Group would save on their diabetic test strips. The anxiety and depression class of drugs would receive a welcome savings on medications for those members of Anxiety and Depression Support Groups. Since everyone is eligible to receive this rx savings card and the program covers 95% of the FDA approved medications on the market, there would be a benefit for members of all the major support groups. Groups such as Cancer Support Groups, Fibromyalgia Support Groups, Heart Disease Support Groups, Ms Support Groups, and Weight Loss Support Groups.

The groups named above aren’t the only support groups operating in the country. There are other support groups, such as these listed below, whose members would also benefit by the savings to be had by using the discount prescription card. By offering your members this card, you are giving them an opportunity to continue taking their medication at the best price possible.

As a support group, you could give your members support in more the one way. If you would like to provide this benefit to your them or would like to add your group to our list, the process is easy. Just contact me, Michael Hargrove, USA Drug Plan at 904-334-0078 or email me at I will get back to you immediately.