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USA Drug Plan is an opportunity that benefits everyone. Becoming an Independent distributor by handing of free prescription discount cards is a great opportunity. These Rx drug cards would be used by anyone to help them pay for their prescription medications. The prescription card could be distributed through many sources, such as hospital clinics, doctor’s offices, mental health clinics, and women’s clinics, just to name a few.

Anyone who takes prescription medication on a monthly basis would greatly benefit by receiving an Rx drug card. The discount cards are offered through the Community Assistance Program. There are several effective means of distribution for these free prescription cards.

Turning it into a home-based business is an extremely progressive approach to distribution. All that would be needed is access to the Internet, use of a telephone, and the means to direct mail.

The alternative method to distribute free drug cards is personal contact and cold calls. Visit the doctor’s offices and clinics asking for the opportunity to explain the benefits of the drug plans to the appropriate office person and, therefore, develop a client base.

Distributors receive benefits of current training techniques, informative sales meetings, regular conference calls, training newsletters and a supportive office staff. We encourage independent Rx drug card distributors to participate in individual goal-setting, problem solving, and motivational meetings with the Sales Manager.

The drug card distributors dispense the USA Drug Plan Discount and the Community Assistance Program Discount Card, which provide the recipients with a savings of approximately 15% on brand name medications and 55% on generics at all participating pharmacies.

There are over 80% of the country’s pharmacies, and Puerto Rico, that accept these drug cards. Each time the cardholder uses their card to receive a discount on a prescription, the distributor earns a commission. If the distributor sponsors other distributors into the company, the distributor earns a commission each time the card are used.

The Community Assistance Program expects distributors to fully comply with the terms of their contract. Sponsors are expected to assist and mentor their down line in every way possible, to help improve their opportunity for success in the business. Besides just knowing the help the prescription card gives the person receiving it, the distributor also receives some additional perks.

Each Distributor receives a free Lifestyle package, valued at $120. Once a Distributor has 200 scripts filled a month, they receive a free household membership to DentAchoice, a $140 value. There are also contests held, periodically, which result in cash prizes being awarded.

If becoming an independent drug card distributor appears to be something you would be interested in, please contact Michael Hargrove, Regional Outreach Coordinator at or call 805-315-9780.