Rx Business Opportunity

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Distribute Community Assistance Drug Cards, Rx Assist Program, Diabetic Supplies free to associations, clinics, hospitals, municipalities, clubs, credit unions, doctor’s offices, social service agencies, and individuals. Every time someone uses the card and receives a discount, you get paid.

The Problem:
Millions of Americans have to pay top dollar for their medication because they have no insurance or because they are not part of a large organization that has negotiated discount pricing for them. The people that can afford it the least are charged the most. This is unfair.

Those affected:
The 48 million Americans who have no health insurance.
The many more millions who have restricted Rx plans.
The millions who have high deductible plans.

The Solution:
Give each person the USA Drug Plan Card / Community Assistance Card, which is accepted at more than 80% of the drug stores nationwide and let those people receive discounts of up to 85 percent on their prescription medications.

Category: Business