Request Discount Prescription Cards

Request Rx Drug Card

The Community Assistance Program offers a free discount drug card to anyone interested in saving money on their prescription medication. The savings can be significant, depending upon the medication. With the Rx drug card a member can save anywhere from 10 – 30% on brand name prescriptions and up to 85% on generic prescriptions at one of over the 56,000 pharmacies that accept our prescription discount card. Getting the card is easy, membership is free, activation is instant, there are no deductibles, and no pre-existing exclusions apply.

There are three simple ways to receive your prescription drug card:

Log onto our website and click the Print Nowbutton and your card will instantly be printed

Another way is to copy and paste the discount Rx card to a word program and save it to a file in your computer. When you’re ready, just go to that file and print out the saved card.

You can also request for your card to be mailed to you through the US postal service. Just contact me, Michael Hargrove, at 805-315-9780 or email me at I will send your prescription savings card off to you the day that I receive your request.

Many will benefit, by using the free discount drug card. There are, however, those who will benefit the most. People who have no insurance, absolutely will benefit a great deal by using the card. People who have insurance, but no prescription coverage should participate in this incredible program. Seniors or those on disability who are in the donut hole of Medicare Part D can save considerably be taking their discount card to the pharmacist along with their doctor’s prescription. Anyone who’s insurance applies a high deductible for their prescription medication could also benefit by using the prescription card.

If you know someone who is not taking their needed medication, because they can’t afford it, this card may be the answer.

Every prescription purchased without this valuable drug discount card, is a medication being paid at a price that is higher than it needs to be. Request for your Rx drug card today!