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**This card has already been Activated
You can use it immediately
**Accepted at over 80% of the pharmacies in the country
**Begin Saving an Average of 55% on generics and 15 percent on name-brand drugs
**This of this card as a permanent coupon you can use over and over again.
Instructions: How to use the Rx Drug Card

1. Cut this card along the dotted line.
2. Present this card top a participating pharmacy with your prescription(s). The pharmacy should keep your information on file in their computer system. IMPORTANT, keep this drug card in a safe place in case you change pharmacies or if you need to provide this information again.
3. The is a bearer card no name needed on the card for you to use it.
4. Discounts are available on prescription medication; saving may vary.
5. The card is pre-activated and can be used immediately. You can search pharmacy locations, pricing information, on our website. at
6. Visit our FAQ”s here
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