Clinic Assistance

Community Assistance Program, distributes free discount prescription cards. Anyone is eligible to receive one of the cards and 95% of the medication that is available to the public today is covered for at discount from 15% to 55% depending upon whether it is a brand name or generic drug.

Some of the classes of drugs included are medications for anxiety and depression, blood pressure, and diabetic test strips, just to name a few. We distribute many of these cards on a monthly basis. At times people who utilize walk-in clinics have limited insurance and could benefit greatly by the use of a free discount prescription card. I would be more than happy to provide your clinic with as many prescription drug cards as you feel you could use within your clinic.

The free discount cards be offered to patients as they enter or leave your clinic and you could also provide your counselors with a supply of the cards to give to their patients. If you sponsor community events or programs, I could supply you with a large quantity of free Rx cards for distribution to all who attend.

People come to a clinic for assistance, this is just another way to accomplish that goal. Many benefit from this outreach program. As a clinic, you could become a representative, hand out these free discount cards and benefits in many ways. For more information, please contact me, Michael Hargrove, Regional Outreach Coordinator at 805-315-9780 or email me at