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Income Qualifications




Community Assistance Discount Card

Income Eligibility Guidelines for 2011

There a variety of Prescription Assistance Programs available to help you better manage your condition such as:

A program that offers selected antibiotics at no cost to anyone, regardless of insurance coverage.

Programs providing a reduced cost prescription drug plan for on selected generic medications.

The Prescription Assistance qualifications
are based on Income

Family Size 250% Above Federal Poverty Levels
1 $27,225
2 $36,775
3 $46,325
4 $55,875
5 $65,425
6 $74,975
7 $84,525
8 $94,075
For each additional
family member

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For further information regarding our program or to order your prescription assistance card, please contact Michael Hargrove, Outreach Coordinator, Community Assistance Program, at (805) 315-9780. You may also email Michael at

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