Physician Assistance Drug Card

How To Best Assist Your Patients

The physician assistance drug card is a program to assist your patients with an opportunity to save on their medication. Without it the will likely have to pay full price for their medications. With the discount card, they can look forward to an average savings of 15% on brand name drugs and 55% for generic medications. Attach the discount card to the prescription you have written for them and provide them with the list of participating pharmacies
who accept the discount card.

Identify the participating pharmacies near your clinic or by any zip code by visiting our website, Go to Pharmacy Locator, type in the zip code and then you can print out the list for your patient to review. Once they have decided which pharmacies they may be interested, you can, if they’d like, research the drug they are looking for and determine which pharmacy would be the best choice in giving the highest discount. Or, the patient can take the list home, if they would prefer and do the research on the own.

To order more free discount cards for your patients, e-mail or call 805-315-9780. Should you run out of the assist patient drug cards before your order arrives, you can print a card from All pharmacies know that printed copies of the card are acceptable and will take them with no problem.

If your physician is not familiar with the program and doesn’t carry the Prescription Assistance Card, do them a favor and tell them about it. They’re sure to appreciate receiving the information and being able to help you and their other patients as well, by getting the program started in their office.