Pharmacy Discount Cards

Rx Drug Cards

The USA Drug Plan formed the Community Assistance Program when they saw a need to help people afford their prescription medications. What they came up with was a pharmacy drug card that could be used by members at participating pharmacies to save them money on their medications. This discount card is now accepted at over 56,000 pharmacies throughout the country.

As a free member of the USA Drug Plan, you can take your free pharmacy discount card to any participating Pharmacy where you will receive a discount of up to 85% on generic prescription drugs and average 15% – 30% on name brand medications. The process is not at all complicated. You just take the prescription written by your doctor, along with your pharmacy discount card, to your local participating pharmacy. The pharmacy processes your discount card, and you pay less for your medication, it’s that simple.

In addition to the independent, local pharmacies who have elected to save you money by participating in our program and accept you pharmacy discount card, there are several nationwide chains who have joined us. You can choose to use these pharmacies in our pharmacy discount network: Albertson’s, CVS, Rite Aide, Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Walgreen’s. The savings is the same whether it’s an independent or a chain pharmacy, 15 – 85%, depending upon the medication. So, whether you are at home or traveling, you will always be able to find a participating pharmacy who is anxious to save you money by accepting your pharmacy discount card.

For further information regarding our program or to order your pharmacy drug card, please contact me, Michael Hargrove, Outreach Coordinator, at 904-334-0078. You may also email me at

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