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Discount Pharmacy Drug Card

North Dakota residents will feel the effects on the rising cost of prescription medications in 2011. The most expensive drugs are brand name medications that are made to treat cancer which can cost up to 7,000 dollars per month.

“Anyone who does not have insurance cannot afford such prices”. says Michael Hargrove, Outreach Coordinator of the USA Drug Plan. He has talked to people who are unable to take their medications for diseases such as Chrons, Fibromyalgia and Lupus” because they are uninsured.

Michael said, “there are many ways to save money on your prescription medications and medical cost for those without
prescription coverage”.

Always seek out doctors who will work with you. Some doctors will provide services for a reduced rate which can save you fifty percent or more.

Ask your doctor if there are generic drugs available for your condition.

Print a discount drug card which can possibly save you up to 85 percent on your generic brands and anywhere from 15 – 30 percent on your brand name drugs.

Check out the pharmacies in your area to see who has the cheapest prices.

Seek out assistance programs that can assist those who cannot afford their medications. Our CAP program offers free medications for those who meet the income qualifications. There is a small processing fee of $20.00 per script each month but the savings can be tremendous.

USA Dug Plan reaches out to individuals without prescription coverage by offering a free discount drug card.

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The discount drug cards are offered through our Community Assistance Program and can be sent directly to you. These cards can?be printed out at our website by clicking on the “Print Now button.

Here are a few participating pharmacies in North Dakota: Bethany Pharmacy, Dakota Clinic, Northport Drug, Skips, Thrifty Pharmacy and White Drug Pharmacy.

Listed below is a list of the major metropolitan areas in this State. Click on a city near you to find pharmacy Locations & Contact information.

This card is not associated with any particular state or pharmacy and can be used at over 56,000 participating pharmacies in the United States and its territories!

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