North Carolina Rx Drug Card

Prescription Drug Card

The Community Assistance
Program reaches out to individuals throughout the US, as well as North Carolina by offering a free pharmacy drug card. Regional Outreach Coordinator Michael Hargrove says that “Our assistance program is a wonderful program for those who do not have prescription coverage. I am not surprised as to how people in North Carolina are cutting back on their medications because their entire household income has decreased over the last few years. In the last several years, the cost of prescriptions has risen which has an effect on thousands of people in the US”.

This business is a wonderful business to be in because we are able to save people between 15 and 85 percent off their medications. Michael also says, “I have talked to people who are taking as much as ten medications a month and they were able to save a few hundred of dollars”. In saying that, the savings depend on the drug, whether the medications are brand name, generic and what pharmacy they choose.

Here are some tips on saving money on you prescription medications. Use the discount pharmacy card at anyone of the 56,000 pharmacies.

Use our drug pricing tool to see which pharmacy is cheaper.
Ask your doctor if you can have a higher dose and cut the pill in half. The pharmacies do not charge by the dosage only by quantity.

Please make note that some pills cannot be cut in half because of the time release factors and may be harmful to your health. Please consult with your doctor before doing this.

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The discount drug cards are offered through our Community Assistance Program and can be sent directly to you. These cards can?be printed out at our website by clicking on the “Print Now” button.

Here are a few Local Pharmacies in North Carolina that accept that card: Crossroads, Edgewood, Glen Raven Ingles, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy.

Listed below is a list of the major metropolitan areas in this State. Click on a city near you to find pharmacy Locations & Contact information.

This card is not associated with any particular state or pharmacy and can be used at over 56,000 participating pharmacies in the United States and its territories!

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