Missouri Rx Card

Prescription Drug Card

US residents including
those residing in or visiting Missouri can now benefit from an Rx drug
card that is provided by an organization that created a program called the Community Assistance Program. A team of professionals had a plan to offer these cards to anyone who does not have prescription coverage through their insurance or for those who do not have insurance at all. Although, this is not insurance, it does provide savings of up to 85 percent on generic medications that are prescribed by a doctor.

The USA Drug Card can be found on our website which we can either send to or you can print the card and take it to your local pharmacy. The best part about these cards is that they can be used by anyone who needs prescription assistance and can be given to friends, family and people that you know that are in need of saving money on their prescriptions.

The savings can range from 10 percent to 85 percent depending on the medication. There are ways you can save money by going to savings and tips page on this website.

The discount drug cards are offered through the Community Assistance Program and can be sent directly to you. These cards can?be printed out at our website by clicking on the “Print Now” button.

Some of the participating pharmacies include: D & H Drugs, Gerbes, Drug Warehouse, Price Chopper, Medicine House and Price Cutter.

Listed below is a list of the major metropolitan areas in this State. Click on a city near you to find pharmacy Locations & Contact information.

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This card is not associated with any particular state or pharmacy and can be used at over 56,000 participating pharmacies in the United States and its territories!

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