Jacksonville Drug Card

Jacksonville Drug Card

In a tight economy, many Jacksonville residents are struggling to pay for necessary prescriptions. USA Drug Plan offers a free discount prescription for residence that are in need of assistance. While the Jacksonville Drug Card is not a form of insurance, it can help reduce prescription costs by lowering their out-of-pocket expenses on prescription drugs. Our USA drug cards can be printed and the card can be used at no cost to all Jacksonville residents. The
Community Assistance Program program assistance individuals that are in need of prescription drug coverage.

The Drug Card Program offers discounted prescriptions to all United States residents, with no pre qualification necessary. According to the Jacksonville Drug Card Website, the following information can be helpful to those considering using the program:

There is no fee for the cards; it is available to download free for all residents

There are no: enrollment forms, restrictions, age or income limits

There are no: waiting periods or files to claim

Preexisting conditions are covered

The Community Assistance Program plan offers a discount drug card that provides the lowest prices know as (lowest contracted Prices) The drug card can be used at over 56,000 eligible pharmacies. The USA drug card provides discounts for the uninsured and underinsured. The drug card works best for the uninsured who are able to receive generic drugs. Generic drugs savings range from 30 percent to 85 percent savings. For those who are taking brand name drugs, we find that the average savings range from 10 percent to 30 percent. Although this card is not a form of insurance, you can print the card and take it along with your prescription to your local pharmacy. USA Drug Plan offers a website that is simple to use. There is a link to check participating pharmacies as well as the pricing of a specific of your medications. This card can be used over and over and does not have an expiration date. The same card can be used by any family members, friends, or who ever is in need of the card.

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The USA Drug Card can also be used for prescriptions that are not covered.

A full and updated list of participating pharmacies can be found at the USA Drug Card website. Some of the pharmacies that are currently participating are: CVS, Kmart, Pharmacies, Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, Target.

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