Independent Distributor Drug Card Opportunity


A Business Opportunity Like No Other

The Problem:
Millions of Americans have to pay top dollar for their medication because they have no insurance or because they are not part of a large organization that has negotiated discount pricing for them. The people that can afford it the least are charged the most. This is unfair.

Those affected:
The 48 million Americans who have no health insurance
The many more millions who have restricted Rx plans
The millions who have high deductible plans

The Solution:

Give each person the USA Drug Plan Card / Community Assistance Card, which is accepted at more than 80% of the drug stores nationwide and let those people receive discounts of up to 85 percent on their prescription medications.

The Business Opportunity

Distribute Community Assistance Drug Cards, Rx Assist Program, Diabetic Supplies free to associations, clinics, hospitals, municipalities, clubs, credit unions, doctor’s offices, social service agencies, and individuals. Every time someone uses the card and receives a discount, you get paid.

A true win/win situation.

Here is what you receive when becoming a distributor:

  • 2500 business cards – Discount cards

  • 1000 business cards – Diabetic cards

  • Your own websites where a visitor can print or request a hard copy of the cards:

  • Download a discount drug card and begin using it immediately

  • Look up the discounted price for any drug at a local pharmacy

  • Your own distribution number on the card to track your compensation

  • Bonus Discount Pet Drug Card available to be downloaded

  • A second website for you to find training information and your own back office, showing
    monthly results.

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About The USA Plan /CAP


An average of 55% on generics and 15%  on brand-name drugs.

Your member website offers drug cost look-up and pharmacy locator. YES! You can see the current price at the pharmacy near you.

All drugs are covered by the card. Even smoking cessation medications and diabetes supplies  can be obtained at greatly reduced rates.

The pharmacy network is national in scope, with over 80% of all pharmacies participating.

Cards can be used by all family members.

There is no limit on the number of prescriptions filled, as  long as each new prescription is accompanied by a valid  prescription from a doctor.

No forms to fill out – activation is immediate.

About The Rx Med Assist Program

For People that can’t afford their medication even with a discount card

Access, complete and process all from for us

Stay current on current programs for you

Free review on over 250 programs that may help you save on meds

Inform and educate you on the best options that best fit your needs

Handle All applications and forms for you

Patients pay 20 dollars per Rx per month

Distributors receive 3.00 commissions for everyone that qualifies

Diabetic Supplies

Diabetic Program

Announcing the latest in Glucose Meter Technology

Complete kit with everything you need to get started

Our meter speaks English and Spanish

No need to code strips

Alternate site testing (no more finger pricking!)

7 day, 14 day, 21 day, 28 day, 60 day, and 90 days average testing memory

Free Rx drug cards- Average savings of 55% on all generic FDA medication of

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Compare prices if you test 3 times a day

Wal-Mart 1623/year, Walgreens, 1,868/year Walgreen Brand 1,802/year 1,693/year, 1,576/year, Our Program 528.00/year


  • Enroll online through your CAP website in your back office
  • Reps will receive their own enrollment websites
  • You will receive 1000 free cards upon enrollment

For Patients / Users

Enrollment through your CPD website, which will automatically assign the transaction to your ID or through a toll free number using your agent ID

Includes Free:

  • Glucose meter
  • Lancing device
  • Monthly ultra thin lancets
  • Carrying Case
  • Free monthly shipping

    Diabetic Supplies
    As a distributor, you will receive commissions every month which is based on usage of the test strips;

    If the person test
    1 time a day you will receive 3.72 month
    3 times a day, you will receive 5.45 month
    7 times a day you will receive 9.79 month

    Discounted Diabetic testing supplies for the uninsured and under-insured. Save an Average 50% on Diabetic Supplies with our CAP Diabetic Discount Program!

    Monthly retail pricing for test strips:

    $29.99 test once daily $56.99 test 4 times daily $78.88 test 7 times daily

    $41.99 test 2 times daily $58.99 test 5 times daily $86.99 test 8 times daily

    $43.99 test 3 times daily $ 69.99 test 6 times daily $94.99 test 9 times daily

    For only $79.95, you can start your own business by becoming a distributor for the USA Drug Plan Card.



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