Drug Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Prescription Drug Savings or Discount Card?

A: A Prescription Drug Savings Card is a card which allows anyone who uses prescription drugs to purchase them and save money on many, if not all, of the medications they use. It’s an extremely easy program to utilize. The free prescription savings card is simply presented by a person to a participating pharmacy, of their choice, along with a written prescription from their doctor. These drug cards are also known as consumer cards, point of sale cards, and 100% co-pay cards. The discounts received by the members who use these cards can be substantial, depending upon the medication.

Q: How do Prescription Drug Savings Cards work?

A: It’s very simple. For example, if a person goes to Walgreen’s’ pharmacy, they would present their drug card. Once the card’s information is read by the pharmacy’s computer, the correct prescription medication savings is applied based on the agreement between Walgreen’s and our program. Due to this cutting-edge technology, consumers who participate in the prescription savings plan are afforded a speedy checkout, with absolutely no hassles.

Q: Who Needs a Prescription Drug Discount Card?

A: There are many people who can benefit from participating in the prescription savings program. People with insurance and those without insurance can save by using a drug savings card. It depends upon their particular circumstances. The free prescription card can discount prescriptions for people who have insurance and greatly benefit those who have Medicare part D and are in the doughnut hole. Basically, anyone who takes prescription medication needs a prescription drug discount card.

Q: What kind of savings are we taking about?

A: The USA Drug Plan is a nationwide program that offers incredible savings on 95% of the drugs found on the market today. When you take your doctor’s prescription and your free drug discount card to a participating pharmacy, the savings you will receive, on average, is 15% for a brand name drug and 55% for a generic drug.

Q: What prescription medications are covered under the USA Drug Plan?

A: 95% of the FDA approved drugs on the market today are eligible for a discount through our prescription savings plan. That includes brand name and generic medications.

Q: Are there any age or enrollment restrictions?

A: Everyone is eligible to enroll in the Prescription Drug Savings Program and receive the savings benefits on their medications.

Q: Can I get prices over the Internet?

A: Yes. Prices are available for all the medications covered under the prescription savings plan by using the Drug Pricing tool on our website.

Q: Can I use my card for mail-order prescriptions?

A: Yes, and you can expect even greater savings!

Q: Does my doctor need to know about this card when writing my prescription?

A: Your doctor does not need to know about the prescription savings card. However, often doctors are very interested in helping their patients save money on their medications and many have shown great interest in the USA DRUG PLANĊ½. You might consider consulting with your doctor about the prescription savings plan, so they can share the information with other patients.

Q: What does getting the “lowest” or “best” price on my prescriptions mean?

A: It means that you, the member, will get the best and lowest price every time you use a savings card at a participating pharmacy. The price will be lower than you could receive at retail or sale price. Whether it’s a brand name or generic drug, if it’s available at a lower price than the scheduled price, you pay the lowest price possible.

Q: Why don’t all pharmacies accept the card?

A: Our prescription savings program has been presented to all the major chain pharmacies and most of the independent pharmacies throughout the country. Not all chose to participate in a program that required them to offer very deep discounts and perform some fairly complicated drug management procedures. Those who have chosen to offer these benefits to our cardholders did so with their customer’s best interest in mind.

Q: What if my pharmacist said the card would not save me any money?

A: The only way the Pharmacist will know what the savings your prescription drug card is going to allow is after it’s scanned through the pharmacy computer. There is no way to determine the cost of the medication prior to this happening. If the Pharmacist can’t tell you what the cost of the medication would be without the card, or does not want to accept your prescription card, you may want to consider selecting another pharmacy that participates in the prescription savings plan.

Q: Some drugs are excluded from our program. Will I still be able to get a discount on these drugs?

A: As a card-user of the USA Drug Plan, you are eligible for prescription savings on 95% of the prescription drugs on the market today