Drug Card Testimonials

USA Drug Plan Testimonials

Michael, thank you for spending the time to explain the programs to me. I am not very good with computers. You were able to send me to the right pharmacy that saved me over 65 percent on all of my meds. I will send more people to you in the future.

Becky, Florida

Michael, I received this card from a friend because my insurance company canceled my policy. My wife takes several meds and we weren’t able to get her meds. I called you on a Saturday and you called me right back. While I was trying to get my insurance reinstated you were able to help my wife in desperate need with her insulin. After an hour on the phone you were able to send us to the cheapest pharmacy. I no longer need the card because the insurance made a mistake and now we are back on our $10 co pay. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Our emergency dentistry office writes prescriptions for antibiotics that are not free through our local pharmacies. You have been able to save our patients a great deal of money. I went through fifty cards within the first month and I have ordered over 300 cards for both offices You have been a life saver for many people.

Jack, Jacksonville, Florida

Thank you! the card has helped me save on all of my prescription medications. Since I have to take name brand drugs, I am only able to save and average of 25 percent. If I add them all, I have saved 96.00 a month.

Great Card, Thanks, Sandy

Thank you for speaking at our support group about these cards. It was so nice to see someone that really cared about people by offering these free cards. Your presentation explained the whole process. It was very impressive that you drove 30 miles to only find two people within our group who needed that card. When I apologized, you said” It was not about how many people that we can help but how we can help anyone in these hard times. Thank you so much.

My Chihuahua punctured her paw while playing. The med she needed was $93 through my
veterinarian but cost only $43 at Target Pharmacy.
– Laura C. using the pet drug discount card

Had a great testimonial from our daughter, Jayna, today. Jayna has her insurance with Aetna through Santa Clara Law School. The drug that she was prescribed either isn’t covered or else she has used up her allotment. So, she goes online and finds
that a nearby pharmacy (at Lucky Supermarket) has the drug with the card for $16. So, she goes to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription and the price
for the drug is $103. She shows the pharmacist her CAP card and the price immediately fell to $16. Jayna now swears by these cards. She saved $87
with the card.

My youngest brother of 6. I gave all my family a card with their Christmas gifts
and I always attach a 3.5” x 8.5” info sheet about thecard so those who get it immediately understand itsworth (copy attached FYI). We are a particular lot, not very easily induced into anything and not at all impressed by “free” offers. Regardless, he actually tried the card to see if it really would help him. Hecalled me, thrilled and incensed at the same time.
The card saved him $50 on a prescription. He was thrilled to get the savings, incensed that it should have been that price all along!! Called to sign up!!! His words: “People need to know about this! We are getting ripped off !! I’ll pass these things out like candy!” And, being a folk known for our word being better than a contract, you can bet he will.
Yessiree! This card certainly evokes emotional response within those who use it. A customer told me yesterday that her husbands pain medication dropped from $112 to $36. Happy Campers withthe discount cards? “You Betchum, Red Ryder”! (You may be too young for that quote to mean anything).

…I was surprised to find out that the card is valid with no gimmicks, and my prescription was half the cost of my insurance co-pay. I will use this card in the future, and have requested additional cards for my daughters.
– Buzz

This discount drug card just saved me $80.00 on my med!!!! The card says email for more free cards. I would like to request 2 more cards. My Dad and sister could really benefit from this card. I saved enough to grocery shop this week!!! This card is
great! Thanks. – Emily

Hello Judy!

I wanted to share some exciting information with you. Well…it’s exciting to me anyway! I joined HCA last year when I moved and wanted to save
some money on my moving expenses. I saved $70 on my moving van rental! Wow!
Then, I remembered you had told me about the prescription discount card, which is FREE!!! I was skeptical at first. But when my mother fell into the medicade/medicare donut hole I decided to check it out. One of Mom’s prescriptions cost her over $400
out of pocket for a 30 day supply! I was frustrated because she had to go without some of her meds, so I checked your card’s website and discovered that by using this card at a national chain pharmacy,my mother only had to pay $52.73 for the SAME prescription medication!!!!
I truly appreciate the benefits of this card! Thank you for sharing it with me, Judy! I am so grateful that my mother can now afford her medications.
May God bless you and yours!