Drug Card Pricing

Drug Pricing

Should read entire page to receive the best pricing or click on Rx Drug Pricing.

USA Drug Plan allows you to check you discount pricing before you purchase your medications.

We have listed steps below on how to check the prices:

1. View “Drug Prices” by clicking on the link.

2. In the box right below “Search for Medications and calculate Price” enter the drug name and click on “Go”.

3. Select the drug and the milligram that you are taking. Note: The site will automatically go to the next page.

4. Enter the amount of pills that you take in the first area titled “Pills Per Day”

5. Enter the Amount of days that your prescription is filled for. Example 30-60-90

6. Enter your Zip Code and click on price drug.

7. The search results results will list the drug name. Quantity, and patient Pay.

The first drug will be listed followed by generic underneath if available. Example:

NEURONTIN 100 MG CAPSULE 30 tablets $27.85

GABAPENTIN 100 MG CAPSULE 30 tablets $8.46

You should always ask your doctor if there is a generic brand available. In the above example, Gabapentin is generic for Neurontin and is less expensive.

8.Next you will find a list of pharmacies in your area. It is always a good idea to go through the list to find the best discount by clicking on the pharmacy

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