Distributor Rx Program Commissions

Rx Drug Card Commission Rate

Distributors will receive commissions for each program below. These commissions are paid on a monthly bases and can be reviewed in your back office once you become a distributor.

Examples: Studies have shown that the average person takes at least three or more medications a month. The example is based on three scripts each month.
Each time a person takes the card to the pharmacy, you will receive .75 for each script that is processed. You will receive commissions on a recurring bases.

Month Average Script per person Cards Handed Out and Used Commissions  Total Scripts Total Commissions
March 2012 3 100 – 100 X 3 = 300 $225.00 300 $225.00
April 2012 3 200 – 200 x 3 =  600 $450.00 900 $650.00
May 2012 3 300  – 300 x 3 =  900 $675.00 1500 $1,125.00

Imagine calling just 20 – 50- 100 doctors who have patients who don’t have insurance and send each one of them 50 cards. Their patients will take the card along with their prescription to the pharmacy and you will receive .75 for each card that is used.

Do The Math Yourself!

Rx Assist Program

Distributors will receive $3.00 per month for each medication approved by the Rx Assist Program

This program is designed to help those who can’t afford their medication even with a discount card. There are medications that are are very expensive at the retail level. Some medications can cost the uninsured hundreds of dollars.

The Rx Assist Program is based on ones income. If the person qualifies, they can receive each medication for $20.00 even if the medication retails for hundreds of dollars. We do all of the paper work and you receive reoccurring commissions.

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Example: The below examples are commissions paid out to a distributor who receives 5 approved applicants a month. If each applicant is approved for 3 medications, you will receive commissions on 15 medications.

Month Approved applications # medications Approved Per Person Commissions  Total meds Total Commissions
March 2012 5 3 Meds – 3 x 5 = 15   x 3.00 $45.00 3 $45.00
April 2012 5 3 Meds – 3 X 5 = 15  x 3.00 $45.00 3 $90.00
May 2012 5 3 Meds – 3 X 5 = 15  x 3.00 $45.00 3 $135.00

Increase your Rx Assist commissions: Anytime that you send out discount cards to a doctors office, you should insert the Rx Assist brochure.

Cap Diabetic Program

Earning Potential

Test Per Day Cost Per User / Member Distributor Commissions
1 $29.99 $3.72
2 $41.99 $5.21
3 $43.99 $5.45
5 $59.99 $7.31
9 $94.99 $11.78

When you become a distributor, we will start you off with 10,000 cards and three websites. You will receive a back office that you can use to print out your personalized marketing material and review your script count each month.

We want you to be successful and that is why we offer our distributors discount prices on purchases such as future card orders. If you can find a better price, feel free to purchase from anywhere you want to as long as the cards are approved before hand. We can offer you 1000 quality hard stock glassy finish cards for under $15.00 plus shipping. Most companies charge 3 times this much plus a set up fee.

We are looking for people who are serious about becoming an Rx drug card distributor. This is why we are starting you out with 10,000 cards so that you can determine how much money you really want to make. If your budget only allows you to hand out 1000 cards a month then these cards will last for ten months. The more cards that are handed out to those in need, the more income you will receive each month.

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To sign up as a distributor, please visit Our Distributor Sign Up Page. You will receive a personal email from me with information on how I have become successful in this business. I can show you how to increase your commissions and receive the best ROI. You can review this information while you are waiting on your cards to arrive.

I look forward in working with you!

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