Distributor Programs

There are three programs in which you can receive commissions when you become a distributor. These commissions are paid on a monthly bases and are designed to help a distributors earn more income on a monthly bases. In return, you will be helping others who cant afford to take their medications or supplies.

Rx Drug Card Program


Here is what you will receive when you become a Distributor

Rx Community Assistance Drug Cards:

  • 10,000 business cardsĀ – Discount cards

  • Your own website where a visitor can print or request a hard copy of the cards:

  • Download a discount drug card and begin using it immediately

  • Look up the discounted price for any drug at a local pharmacy

  • Your own distribution number on the card to track your compensation

  • Bonus Discount Pet Drug Card available to be downloaded

  • A second website for you to find training information and your own back office, showing
    monthly results.

  • Distributor receives reoccurring commissions each time a person uses the card at any participating pharmacy

Rx Assistance Program

For People that can’t afford their medication even with a discount card


Assistance Program:

  • Access, complete and process all from for us

  • Stay current on current programs for you

  • Free review on over 250 programs that may help you save on meds

  • Inform and educate you on the best options that best fit your needs

  • Handle All applications and forms for you

  • Patients pay 20 dollars per Rx per month

  • Distributors receive commissions for anyone who qualifies for the Rx Assist Program

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Diabetic Program


Diabetic Program:

  • 1,000 Diabetic CardsĀ –
  • Your own cap diabetic website where a visitor can enroll into the program
  • Anyone who enrolls receives our diabetic supplies for free
  • Receive monthly commissions on the amount of times someone uses our diabetic test strips per month.

Diabetic enrollee will receive

  • Complete kit with everything they need to get started
  • A glucose meter that speaks English and Spanish
  • Automatic monthly shipments for their testing strips
  • 7 day, 14 day, 21 day, 28 day, 60 day, and 90 days average testing memory
  • Free Rx Drug Card
  • Comparison Chart

Compare prices if you test 3 times a day Wal-Mart 1623/year, Walgreens, 1,868/year Walgreen Brand 1,802/year Drugstore.com 1,693/year, DiabeticExpress.com 1,576/year, Our Program 528.00/year

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