Distributor Information

Compensation Plan

.75 per script that is filled

.20 per script that your distributor receives

3.00 per script approved for the Rx Assist Program

Rewards: based of script count

Dental discounts after you receive 200 script counts

 Rx Assist Program 

The Rx Assist Program works alongside of the discount drug card.

You can navigate through the text links at the top left hand corner of the Rx Assist page for more information regarding the Rx Med Assist Program.

Distributors Receive the Following Items When Signing Up


Personal Website : Example: http://www.caprxprogram.org/u629

This website can be used for people that is interested in printing out their own discount drug card.

Business Website – Example http://www.freeusadrugplan.info/u629

This website offers free marketing materials that can be personalized with your information, Audios weekly meetings, your monthly script counts, ordering card links.

You can send people to this website to become a distributor under you.

Cards – You will receive 2500 hard stock quality business cards when you sign up.

Word document from me : While you are waiting on the cards, I will show you how to set up your home office emails, documents and guide you through the most important documents to print out and step by step instructions on how to present these cards to everyone.

If you want to order more cards just go into your back office and follow the instructions

April 2011 Update:

Updated Card Prices: Quality hard stock 14 point color cards – Image can be seen on our cap-rx-program website.

See also  South Carolina Rx Drug Card

1,000( $15.55)
2,500 ( $29.93)
5,000 ( $42.70)
10,000 ($73.55)
20,000 ($145.00)


Remember, you do not have to order cards through Corporate as long as you have the card approved before the design/information is made through another company.

You can add your own Logo

National Benefit Builders, Inc.
Phone: (820) 572-2014
Fax: (820) 572-213452B
Hanover Rd Ste 150,
Florham Park, NJ 07932-1410
President: Kevin Faherty

Other Information:

No monthly Fees
Yearly Fees : 29.95
Benefit Discounts on Dental after 200 scripts
Rewards on script count
Press releases

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