Illinois Pharmacy Drug Card


Illinois Drug Card

Free Rx Medication Card

Nbbi has came out with a program that offers free Rx drug medication cards to Illinois residents. The program is offered by our Community Action Network that has worked with one of the largest insurance managers called HealthTrans, Pharmacies, and drug Manufactures to allow this program to succeed. We have contracted over 56,000 pharmacies through out the United States that will accept this discount drug card.

The card is ideal for people that do not have prescription coverage or those who have Medicare part D and their prescription coverage  has lapsed. Anyone can use these cards and may be given to friends and family. Our free prescription cards can not only be used in Illinois but can also be used  any where throughout the United States.

In order to receive your card you must fill out the form or copy the card from the website and take it to your local pharmacy along with your prescription. Each time that you visit a different pharmacy you must present the card. Once the pharmacy has this card on file, you will never have to give the card to them again.

How to use the card: You have a few ways to require a prescription card. You can fill out the form or have a hard copy sent to you. You can request as many as you want.
You can also print or copy the card from your computer.

Once you have the card you can take it to your local participating Illinois pharmacy along with your prescription and begin saving instantly.

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If you need assistance in any way, you can always contact us and we will guide you or answer any questions that you might have. If you know someone that does not have a computer and would like for us to send them a drug card then just fill out the form with their name and address and we will send out the card the same day.


If you would like to have a Free Drug Card sent to you by mail,
Please  click on the “card request” button below.

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